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Lake Como (and Surrounding Lakes), Italy

First things first these pictures of mine are taken in February on a foggy day so they don’t do justice to all the natural beauty of the area.

Just a quick two hours north of Milan is Lago di Como one of the most beautiful places, in my opinion, in the world. This lake shaped like the letter “Y” cuts its way through the southern alps making for the dramatic mountainous backdrop of many already beautiful lakeside villages like Varenna and Menaggio. Another addition to the scenery is the surplus of wealthy villas on the lake owned by the rich and famous like George Clooney and Madonna. Many a movies have been filmed here as well like the end of Casino Royale, the beginning of Quantum of Solace and the “wedding” in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. While Lake Como may not be completely unknown it is definitely overshadowed by other places in Italy like Venice or Milan. However, it is a truly exceptional place and a great day or two retreat from a busy Italian city. Whether hiking, celebrity hunting, relaxing or even mini golfing is your forte then Lake Como is surely worth your while. Unfortunately due to pollution most of the lake is no longer safe to swim in however the less populated northern region seems to have become safe again. Regardless of this minor set back, Lake Como is quiet a remarkable place.

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