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Kotor, Montenegro

Like Dubrovnik, Kotor is on the coastline of the Adriatic sea. Unlike Dubrovnik however, Kotor is situated in the bay of Kotor which is sometimes considered Europe’s most southern fjord for is topography. The bay is cut right into the mountains and has stunning blue water with a green mountainous backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to build a town here? Well to top that all off, Kotor has been around for centuries and it’s old town in entirely walled and almost entirely surrounded by a moat. Yah you heard me, a moat. There is even a ruined fortress at the top of one of the mountains that was used to defend the town down below. Kotor is probably one of Montenegro’s largest attractions but I’ll admit, before I wanted to go to Montenegro I had no idea it existed let alone was this awesome. Easily it was one of my favourite places on my trip. Do no pass up a chance to visit. (It’s like only three hours tops from Dubrovnik to boot!)

Photos by: Me!

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