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Utah, USA

Utah, what can I say about Utah. Well the truth is before I went to Utah I just thought it was a huge flat place with a lot of salt, with a tonne of Mormons and mountains on the edge of it. Sorry if that was offensive at all, I like Mormons! Anyway, while I may have been right about the amount of Mormons, I was completely wrong about Utah’s geography. First of all, Utah is a very unique and diverse state. It has the second most National Parks of any state with 5 (California and Alaska have 8). These National Parks are all beautiful in their own way. First is Bryce Canyon; more a natural amphitheatre than a canyon, its large “hoodoos” make hiking through it one of my most memorable experiences. Next is Zion, I only really drove through Zion but it was a breathtaking drive, especially since you get to drive through an extremely long tunnel that is cut into the side of a cliff. The “subway” rock formation is also amazing and a great hike I have heard! Next you have Arches and the “delicate” arch which is probably the most photographed arch in the world. Such a beautiful and again unique place! I haven’t even included Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks but look them up, they are again, amazing. Then we have the salt flats which are the home of the world land speed record. So if they aren’t out driving go and set your own record! I’m sure everyone has seen pictures of Monument Valley as it is so picturesque and also the Wave which doesn’t even look like it’s from this world. Phew! So many cool places. And if that isn’t enough Antelope, and the world famous Grand Canyon are just a hope across the border into Arizona! All this talk makes me want to just drive there right now and explore all of Utah’s natural beauty!

First Three Photos by: Me

Fourth Photo by: Harley Mac

Fifth Photo: (sourced)

Sixth Photo by: pmelcarek

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