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Lysefjord, Norway

Lysefjord, meaning “light fjord” for its lightly coloured rocks, is a fjord in south-western Norway. Only accessible by boats from Stavanger, it is a very popular tourist attraction in Norway. Perhaps two of the most amazing features in the fjord (and maybe even the world) are Pulpit rock or “Preikestolen” and the Kjeragbolten. Both landforms are great examples of the raw power of our planet. Lysefjord is also one of the most popular places to BASE jump in the world because of its steep cliffs and because it is actually legal. Lysefjord is probably in my top ten places to visit right now just because it so spectacular and I really really want to stand on that bolder! Would you walk out onto both? Let me know!

First Photo by:  Today is a good day

Second Photo by:  thomaspollin

Third Photo by: DB-UK(sourced)

Fourth Photo by: crazygreenrabbit31

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