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Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

(photos were taken on a rainy, cloudy day)

Plitvice or Plitvička in Croatian is the oldest national park in Southeastern Europe and one of the first natural features to become a UNESCO world heritage site. The park features 16 lakes that flow into one and other via streams or small waterfalls. They are seperated by natural dams which were formed by the deposition of moss, algae and bacteria. The paths through the park often cross over the lakes by means of a wooden bridge so that this natural phenomenon is not damaged. It is also forbidden to swim in the lakes because of this delicate balance with nature. The water gets its blue green appearance from mineral deposits and human interaction could damage this. The park has, in recent years, rapidly become more popular but if it wasn’t for a friend, I would have never known about this hidden beauty. I’m pretty sure it’s the closest I’ll ever come to seeing “paradise” despite the fact that it poured the entire time we were there. Oh well, easily one of the best days of my life!


Photos by: ME

(Source: gotraveling)

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    So many waterfalls…and that wooden bridge looks like fun to walk on.
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    Rainy paradise I just can’t believe this beauty that close. Go Croatia!
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