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Greenland, Denmark

Greenland, geographically North American but culturally European, is the largest non-continent island in the world. Ever wondered why Greenland is called Greenland but is mostly ice and Iceland is actually more green? Ya.. me too. Actually, it’s because Icelandic legend has it that Erik the Red came to the land and named it “Greenland” so it would appeal to the people of Iceland and they would move there. Clever. Anyway, Greenland’s capital is Nuuk with a population around 15,000 and, like most towns in Greenland, has a number of distinct colourful homes which make an interesting contrast to the very “uncolourful” land surrounding the homes. Greenland is also home to the largest national park in the world called Northeast Greenland National Park. It takes up almost one-third of Greenland. Another interesting feature of Greenland is the UNESCO site Illulissat Fjord which is home to one of the fastest moving glaciers in the world. As it moves to the sea, it breaks off huge icebergs which are quite the site to see. I think the idea of going to Greenland and being able to go on a hike and possibly be able to stand where no other person has stood before, is simply breathtaking!


First Photo : keemeli

Second Photo by: sweart

Third Photo by: Ze Brother C

Fourth Photo by: Alistair Knock

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