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Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

What an amazing place. I first saw this place on tumblr but I didn’t know where it was so I researched into it. Turns out that, no, this is not just a giant rock, but is an entire ancient fortress complete with a moat. And you know how I love my MOATS. It has been inhabited since the 5th century BC but was turned into a fortress by King Kashyapa in 477 AD. One wall, called the mirror wall, was a large piece of porcelain that was polished so well the King could see his reflection in it. The summit of the rock was the main settlement with the gardens down bellow surrounding the rock. These gardens are some of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world. Upon the final stretch of the ascent to the summit, the stairs are gated by the Lion Gate where two large lion paws still remain today. A marvel in architecture at the time because of its imaginative and symmetrical design, as well as its important fresco works, the rock is now on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and it’s on my bucket list too! 


First Photo by: chiranthaperera

Second Photo by: lavenderstreak

Third Photo by: Langs x 2

Fourth Photo by: whl.travel

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