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K2, Pakistan

So someone comes up to you and asks, “What is the tallest mountain in the world?” You reply, “Mount Everest of course.” Then they ask what is the second tallest. You may know it’s K2 but surprisingly not many people do. Another thing people don’t know about K2 is that it is one of the deadliest mountains in the world. Imagine this. For every four people that reach the summit, one has died trying. Also, the summit has never been reached in winter. The summit wasn’t reached until 1954 after many unsuccessful attempts. Only 302 people have successfully completed the ascent compared to the 2,700 that have climbed Everest. The reason the climb is more difficult than that of Everest’s is that the weather is more inclement and the climb from base to summit is actually higher. I would love to just see this magnificent display of Earth’s power but I am probably never going to climb it and I’m ok with that. I think if you have summited K2 you’re officially as Hard as they Come.


First Photo by:sjorford 

Second Photo by:Ahmad A Karim

Third Photo: (sourced)

Fourth Photo by: Mountain Photographer

(Source: buriedinthesky.com)

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    I’m reading a book right now calledOne Mountain Thousand Summits. It’s about an expedition on K2. I absolutely love it.
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