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Finally I had a chance to sit down and write a post! I’m sorry I took so long.

So this is Iceland which is a small island nation in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Iceland however, is not very icy, and this has to do with it moderate temperature coming from the gulf stream. It’s capital is Reykjavik which has been the location of its parliament since 1814 after its disbanded union with Norway. However, before this, Iceland’s parliament was founded in 930 and was located in what is now Þingvellir National Park. It is also a UNESCO site because it is considered to be the oldest parliament in the world but unfortunately, the buildings are no longer standing. Another interesting fact about Iceland is that is volcanically and geologically active because it is located on the mid-Atlantic ridge. This means Iceland is slowly “pulling apart”. Also, it is home to many glaciers that have left Iceland with a dramatic landscape including many waterfalls like Gullfoss. Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction is the blue lagoon: A mineral rich blueish-white lagoon where people can bath and relax in the warm waters. It’s a shame that most people don’t leave the capital when visiting Iceland because most of its memorable sites are further away.  I would love to see as much of Iceland as possible!


First Photo by:Cocoabiscuit

Second Photo by:Dr.Flemming

Third Photo by: Greg Headley

Fourth Photo by: Mallady

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    As much as I love Iceland, I have to say that I am still kind of sore about it’s volcano canceling my flight to France...
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